Choose Medifast and Watch Your Body Take Shape For Life

So, you want to lose weight permanently? If you are serious about achieving your weight loss goals, you have to make drastic changes to the way you eat. There are a lot of people who have realized such success and have been able to keep their bodies in shape for the rest of their lives with the Medifast diet program. The Medifast diet program has been scientifically proven to help quite a number of people lose up to 20 pounds in a single month. For those who are obese, or way over their ideal body weight, losing such an amount of weight is a great achievement towards finally getting in shape. Over a million people on Medifast take shape for life while enjoying a great variety of meals.

You can also enroll in the Medifast Take Shape for Life support program where health coaches can help you lose weight the healthy way. Medifast simply is more than just a fad diet. It is actually a permanent change in the way you eat. Since there is a great variety in the kinds of foods that are available in the Medifast menu, dieting is never boring with Medifast. In fact, you can also have your choice of a fresh lean and green meal made up of selected proteins and vegetables once a day. The 60-some meals in the Medifast menu include a variety of shakes, juices, oatmeal, bars, soups, eggs, and other hot beverages.

Start with the 5 and 1 diet phase of Medifast with the transition phase and the maintenance phase. The 5 and 1 diet phase of Medifast allows you to have six meals throughout the day. Five of these meals should come from food choices in the Medifast menu. One meal could be one that you prepare yourself with ingredients that are listed in the Medifast-allowed proteins and vegetables. Once you have reached your ideal weight, you can be guided by nutrition experts at the Medifast Take Shape for Life support program through the transition phase and finally to the maintenance phase.

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